Today's Top 10: Little Known Facts About HUGE Songs

10. ‘Baby Got Back’

In 1992, Sir Mix-a-Lot hit the charts with his controversial song, “Baby Got Back.”

What some may not know is that the song was inspired by another very famous singer: none other than Jennifer Lopez. In 2014, Sir Mix-a-Lot told Vanity Fair that Jennifer’s smooth dance moves on In Living Color served as his primary inspiration for writing “Baby Got Back.” And while he admires other women’s curves, including Kim Kardashian’s, J-Lo will always be the queen where derrieres are concerned.

9. ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’

After 28 years of making music, Aerosmith finally debuted at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1998 with the song “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” Used in the soundtrack to the blockbuster movie Armageddon.

However, Aerosmith came close to never reaching the coveted number one spot, since the hit song wasn’t written by them in the first place. The band had struggled to come up with an idea for Armageddon's soundtrack and eventually settled on “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” which was originally written by Diane Warren for the one and only . . . Celine Dion.

8. ‘I Want It That Way’

In 1999, boy band Backstreet Boys released the first single off their album, Millennium. “I Want It That Way” stormed to the top of the charts in 25 countries, and some critics called it the pop song of the year. The video for the song was equally popular before being somewhat overshadowed by a parody video by Blink 182.

Some lesser-known facts about the song include that it was banned in China 12 years after its release because it failed to undergo a “screening process” before being made available in the country. Also, the opening notes of the song were inspired by the massive hit song “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica.

7. Guns n' Roses  ‘November Rain’

In 1992, “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses became and remains the longest song to hit the top ten on the Billboard chart.

At the time, the video for “November Rain” was the most expensive ever made, considering that it included the construction of a chapel in the desert. The total cost came to $1.5 million. The most notable fact, perhaps, is that the footage of the concert in the music video was not real, as many people believed it to be. Instead, extras were hired to fill a theater in Los Angeles while footage of the band playing was recorded.

6. Kurt Cobain accidentally named Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" after a deodorant for teenage girls.

Katherine Hanna, the lead singer of Bikini Kill (and band mate of Cobain's girlfriend at the time), scribbled the phrase on Cobain's wall as a joke about his smelling like the female deodorant "Teen Spirit."  

Cobain — mistaking it for a rebellious phrase — turned it into a song title, helping "Nevermind" to sell 30 million albums worldwide.

5. R.E.M. ‘Everybody Hurts’

R.E.M. was formed in 1980 and enjoyed great success in the music industry, selling more than 85 million records and being inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The band finally split in 2011.

The song is also one of the saddest ever written, according to a survey done in 2012, which saw it beat out “Candle In The Wind” for the top spot of “Most Depressing Song Of All Time.”

4. Billy Ray Cyrus: ‘Achy Breaky Heart’

“Achy Breaky Heart” was seemingly destined for both fame and ridicule since Billy Ray Cyrus first performed it on his 1992 album Some Gave All. It was Cyrus’s ticket to fame and was his most successful song.

In the Disney show Hannah Montana, Cyrus parodied himself when he pretended to write the song back in 1987 and scoffed at the words “achy breaky,” saying it’s just about the dumbest thing ever. For some reason, Cyrus decided to rerelease the song again in 2014 . . . as a hip-hop remix. This version includes a video featuring rapper Buck 22 and twerking aliens.

3 ‘Barbie Girl’

“Barbie Girl” was released by Aqua in 1997 and shot up the charts in many European countries, where it peaked at the top for three weeks. Not surprisingly, the song was the most successful for Aqua throughout their music career. 

Mattel the makers of Barbie in fact  hated the song so much that they dragged the matter into court, claiming that Aqua had infringed on their copyright and had fans and consumers thinking that Mattel supported the song. MCA Records in turn sued Mattel for defamation. As expected, the courts threw out both cases.

2. Cee Lo Green’s “F*** You” Was Written by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has written many hits, but one that may come as a surprise is Cee Lo's "F--- You."

The song went on to be a huge hit, reaching No. 7 on Billboard's best of 2011 chart.

According to EW, the song came out of a recording session between the two with Mars putting together the foundations of the song, along with Cee Lo's NSFW chorus.

“When Bruno first sung ‘F--- You’ to me, they were still a bit indecisive on whether it could work at all,” Cee Lo said.

1. Prince Gives Away Songs Like it's nothing

The lyric genius Prince is credited with launching many careers by simply giving away hit songs. For instane, The Bangles’ “Manic Monday” was actually written by him.

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