Most Awkward Academy Awards Moments | Daily Top 10

1. David Niven and a streaker at the 1974 Oscars

(you can see the streaker on stage behind him starting around :55 in the to the video below)

2. John Travolta mutilates Idina Menzel's name at the 2014 Oscars and the "Adele Dazeem" memes were born

3. Marlon Brando has a Native American woman refuse to accept his Oscar for The Godfather

4. Jennifer Lawrence takes a tumble at the 2013 Oscar awards

5.  Angelina Jolie brings her brother in 2000, kisses him on the mouth

6.  Adrien Brody wins for The Piano and kisses Halle Berry on the lips

7.  Melissa Leo wins for The Fighter in 2011, forgets her speech and swears

8. Sally Field declares, "You like me! Right now you like me!" at 1985 Oscars

9. Alfred Hitchcock's acceptance speech in 1968 was v awkward

10. Cher's awful outfit at the 1986 Oscars

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