The First Song Ever Played on KDWB

I was at a Boy Scout event last night and there were lots of grandparents there to watch their grandsons advance in Scouting.

I love talking to old people, as I mention in my book, "Take a Shower, Show Up on Time and Don't Steal Anything" because they have such great stories.  And remember they won't be around forever to share them.

Last night I talked to guy who went to high school in Southern Minnesota.  He told me he would go duck hunting before school, and then take his shotgun with him to school.  He'd bring it into shop class to clean it and no one minded.  Yep, times were different then.

And I met this guy, John, who told me he was listening when KDWB signed on the air in 1959.  I asked him what was the first song KDWB played.  Check it out.

I won't post the actual video so it won't spoil the surprise, but when you want to hear the actual song,go to this link:

Right here.

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