Woman Responds To The Body-Shaming Comments On Her Before-And-After Photo

When 24-year-old Megan Jayne Crabbe posted a photo of herself from two and a half years ago alongside a recent photo, she said users flooded the image with negative comments. 

Crabbe, who runs the body-positive Instagram and Twitter accounts body bodyposipanda, decided to address users' negative questions Sunday (2/26) with another before-and-after photo.

The caption reads:

“Wait so you just decided to RUIN your body?”

Nah, I just stopped torturing myself every day for not fitting an image I was never supposed to be.

“But you look so much healthier to me before.”

That’s funny, you looked so much more intelligent to me before you  equated health with weight and forgot that mental health is health too.

“You could have stayed the same and loved your body, you didn’t need to get fat.”

I could have stayed the same and spiralled back into the eating disorder that almost killed me when I was 15. I could have kept starving myself  and obsessively working out for hours everyday but it never would have  lead me to self love. No matter how much weight I lost there was always still something to hate. And sure, people don’t NEED to gain weight to  find their self love, this is just what my body needed to do to match up  to my mental freedom. THIS IS MY HAPPY BODY.

“But surely you can’t be happy looking like that now, I could never be happy in that body.” 

I didn’t think I could either, but as it turns out, happiness isn’t a size. And I wasted far too many years believing that it was. Now I’m not  going to stop letting people know that they deserve happiness exactly  as they are. They deserve to live now, not 10 pounds from now. They  deserve that mental freedom. So to every person reading this: I hope you get your freedom too, however it might look. I’ll be cheering you on  every step of the way. 

P.s. these are all comments I received on my last before/after picture,  luckily for me, they just make me want to keep going even more

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