Quit buying Swiffer pads and save money with this dollar store #LifeHack

Yes, the Swiffer mp is a cleaning genius, but if you own one, you know how much money it can cost you over time to keep buying refill packs of pads!

We found a hack on Clark.com that shows you how to use the dollar store to your advantage and make your own quick and easy versions of Swiffer pads. 

  1. Check your local dollar store for the "Handy Shammy" (the less expensive version of those ShamWow cloths you've seen on TV). 
  2. Cut the Handy Shammy to the correct size (maybe keep it a little bigger in case it shrinks in the wash)
  3. Attach your new DIY cloth to your Swiffer and get after that dust and dirt!

You can also add your own cleaner to your new DIY mop instead of investing in a potentially-costly WetJet. 

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