These Amazing Robots Will One Day Rule Us

Since Christmas when my son and I built a robot I’ve been obsessed with robots so I've been reading about them more and more and did not know that robots was as advanced as it is.  

I found a bunch of videos from a company named Boston Dynamic that is essentially building a terminator.  The stuff this company is making is so amazing that it’s actually freaking me out and I don’t care if you’re a guy or girl you’ll be amazed at what they’ve done.  

Example One

You watch the gif and probably thought, why are you abusing this…wait?  That’s a dog!  No, that’s a robot dog that’s able to react to someone kicking it.  IT RECOVERS! 

Example Two

Don't you worry, they also have a line of humanoid robots which I'm sure we'll see more and more of em'.  

It’s totally normal for a robot to do YOGA, we as a species aren’t screwed?!?!?!?!  

Example #3

They now have a new robot called Handle which can quickly glide around, lift different, heavy objects in warehouse-like situations, and frighten the heck out of people. (I know, freakin’ cool!)  

If this is the first sign that robots will soon be our AI overlords then I’m okay with it because it’s pretty freakin cool.  

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