Raven Joins OrangeTheory Fitness' Transformation Challenge - Week 1 [PHOTOS]

I've been relatively out of shape since I stopped dancing once I graduated high school. In college, I put physical activity last on my to-do list in an effort to focus solely on my studies. Now that I'm (pretending to be) an adult, I understand the importance of staying in shape, which is why I'm on a mission to transform myself in the New Year.

On Jan. 23, I started OrangeTheory Fitness' six-week Transformation Challenge in an effort to build and tone muscle (especially my glutes). I also want to learn to live a healthier lifestyle (eating right, eliminating stress, etc). Before the challenge, I met with Quinn, one of the trainers at OrangeTheory Fitness - Plymouth, to have an assessment and to set a couple outcome and behavioral goals during the transformation challenge.

Check out my numbers, goals and 'Week 1' photos below!

January 13

Weight: 121lbs.

BMI: 18.4

Handheld Body Fat: 17.6%

Circumference Measurements

Bicep: 9"

Waist: 25"

Hip: 36"

Thigh: 18.5" (10" down)

Outcome goals and behavioral focus:

Outcomes: a) Increase inches on hips, decrease inches on waist. More definition on arms, abs (bigger butt, tighter tummy and stronger arms)

b) Feel better, reduce stress

Behavioral: a) 3+ meals (each containing 25g Protein = 75g or more)

b) Increase water consumption, drink 60-100 oz (At least 3 OTF Water Bottles)

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