Meet Kate, this week's 'Last Single Girl' submitted to us by her friend Stacy. Here is an excerpt from the email we received:

Hi guys!

I am writing today not for myself, but for my best friend, the beautiful girl in the picture attached. She would probably kill me if she knew I was doing this, but Kate is just about the most amazing person I have ever met, and the fact that she can't find a good man is a complete mystery to me. I'm hoping that I can enlist your help, and even more so hoping that the man she deserves will hear about her and finally come find her.

I am 25, Kate is 24 and I've literally known her all my life. I am not writing because Kate is in her 50s and single, I completely understand that she has plenty of time left to date and find Mr. Right. The problem is, she has been dating for years and had terrible luck. I think she is shaken when she thinks about what's out there, and I want to have someone restore her faith in finding someone. Kate has been through a lot at a young age, and deserves something good.

She has always been an energetic, outgoing and incredible person. Anyone who meets her instantly loves her, as her personality and smile are contagious. She wants to take the world by storm, and literally almost killed herself trying to do it all.

In the winter of 2009 when Kate was 20 years old, she was working full time and going to school. One December night her computer crashed and she spent an entire night rewriting a final that was due, had to go to class and then to work. Kate fell asleep driving that night and hit a guardrail head on. The guardrail cut through the car, and through Kate. She was trapped in the car at 2 in the morning in the freezing cold, watching people drive by and making peace with the fact that this might be the end for her. When emergency crews finally arrived, Kate was cut from the car and brought to HCMC. She should have died from hypothermia, she should have died from her injuries and blood loss, and was basically cut in half. She spent countless hours in surgery cleaning her wounds of debris and getting her right leg reattached. Kate was put in a medically induced coma, and unfortunately the injuries were too great and Kate awoke on Christmas Day, 2009, missing her right leg. After many surgeries and 50 days in the hospital, Kate finally got to go home, but still couldn't walk, had no prosthetic, and an uphill battle ahead of her.


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