My Aunt Denise was in-town over the weekend, my parents and I call her Crazy Aunt Denise because she’s eccentric, dramatic and talks like a teacher.  As a kid, I LOVED it but as an adult it can drive you nutty.  We had a good weekend and it's amazing because my kids loved her as much as I did as a kid.    


 She was a teacher for 30 years, she’s single but is great with our kids. The kids LOVED her but as an adult, she does things that drive me nuts. One thing she’s always done and did over the weekend was emphasizes and takes these long dramatic pauses while telling you a story or asking a question.

Over the weekend she said, "Steven, you know what I would like to do for a month every year...I would live (and this is when I would start freaking out) France." (She was a French teacher) She's also pretty much deaf in her left ear so we would be in the car, Olivia would be talking to her and she wouldn't respond so I would have to repeat things Olivia said. Only good part about that is when I would say mildly offensive things to her to make Kristy laugh.


She also will go and talk to anyone, she loves to meet new people which DRIVES ME NUTS. Hotel clerk, where she stayed, they talked for 30 minutes one day, she left with his phone number because he's American and she's Chinese (and this interests her because my Uncle who still isn't divorced but hasn't been with my Aunt for 20 years, lived in China for 20 years and may have this Chinese woman he's been seeing on and off for 5 years move to America...) I was horrified at the Mall of America because some girl said, "are you Steve-O' that my Aunt would start asking 20 questions so she could find out about her, her life, etc.  

Saturday we spent the day taking Denise and the kids all around town because she wanted to see where I worked, etc. Took the kids to the Dinosaur exhibit at the Science Museum which if you love Dinosaurs.