Friday started with a trip bowling alley and laser tag.  The highlight for me came when a kid that wasn't my kid started getting upset when they were told it was time to leave.  There's nothing better then the feeling you get when you realized you're not alone. 

Bowling madness

Charlie graduated Puppy school which was great but just because of timing he had probably the worst grad party ever.  

Charlie graduated from puppy school

I'm starting to realize my wife and I becoming cab drivers.  Kristy took the kids to Goodwill to sell cookies because we're about to that point in our lives. 

Girl scout cookies

Sunday because weather went to hell and I knew that I had Monday off we went to Clive's in restaurant.  We really liked it and call me dumb but I LOVE the decor. 


Charlie's graduation party????  He got snipped.  :(  

Charlie with the Cone