When it comes to man work I have little to no experience.  My dad had a workbench that was never used, when I had to make a Pinewood Derby car our neighbor helped me get it done because my dad woulda cut his finger off.  The one time he did a project on our house he planned to paint the garage and fell of the ladder.  Long story short, for the last five years, any manly skills I've obtained have been from my neighbors and friends.  For Mother's Day this year I took on a project I would've never been able to complete in the past, I built Kristy a potting bench. 


Kristy likes being outside and she has some stuff for flowers and and outdoor work but doesn't have anywhere to put it.  Someone that knows what they're doing could probably build this is a couple hours, it took me 4 days (worked on it for 1-2 hours a night) but I got it done.  Here's a a short gallery that shows the progress and if you'd like to build a potting bench, click the link for the directions.

Here are the photos:

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