WARNING: Some kinda-NSFW content below!

If you follow The Travelin' Bum on Instagram for the bare butts, that's okay, but try to hide your extreme thirst and see through to the actually really cool reason why Instagram's hottest guys are showing off their bare butts.

Gay men who have struggled with their sexuality or the process of coming out deserve to be comfortable and that's the intention of this Instagram account. The creator accepts submissions of people's bare butts in public places - along with a story about how they have learned to love themselves and to be free!

"When it's too hot at the beach" #thetravelinbummademedoit

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It's the epitome of the old mantra about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

And we're not complaining.

According to NewNowNext, the founder claims to receive 100-150 messages every week from men who want to submit their story and photo (although some get filtered as he only posts photos and stories that supports the theme of the account.) 

Happy national coming out day! "It can take a lifetime to find a group of friends that you feel completely free around. Lucky for me I didn't have to wait that long. We are a family who laughs and cries and fight with each other constantly. Yet it always comes from a place of love and caring. We are all so different in so many ways and that is the really special thing about it. With one of us in real estate, one of us a lawyer, another a liquor sales rep and the other a yoga instructor, we all come from different walks of life and have different passions that steer our destinies yet we found each other on our separate paths walking together and I couldn't feel luckier a man than to have these three by my side in life and travels. Whether we are off to a beach, a bar, or a celebratory trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate PRIDE with all of our brothers and sisters, there is no one else I can imagine by my side than these kooky, beautiful and amazing creatures! Bum Voyage!!!"#travel #traveling #travelinbum #blogger #man #beach #desert #naked #sexy #ass #bootiesallovetheworld #bootie #l4l #bum #gay #gayfollow #gayworld #gaylife #gayboy #gayselfie #cutegay #musclegay #nationalcomingoutday #nationalcomingoutday2016 #nationalcomingoutday🌈

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