1. In A Pinch, You Can Dab Toothpaste Onto A Pimple Or Blemish To Dry It Out.

2.This Spring, Ditch The Hot Tools And Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture. Put Your Waves Into A Loose Side Braid And Pull A Few Pieces Out Around Your Face For A Quick And Fashionable Style.

3. For An Edgy Look This Spring, Give Your Hair An Extreme Side Part, Slick Back The Hair On The Lower Side Of Your Part, And Wear The Rest In A Full Wave.

4. To Avoid Green Chlorine Hair This Summer, It Is Best To Wet And Apply Conditioner To Your Hair Before You Get Into The Pool, Then Wash It Immediately After To Flush Out The Chemicals.  

5. Stretched Skin Can Encourage Wrinkles. To Avoid This, Use Your Ring Finger With Light Pressure When Applying Products Under Your Eyes. 

6. Next Time You Singe Your Forehead With Your Curling Iron,  Try Using Honey To Soothe The Burn And Style Your Bangs In A Sweeping Motion To Conceal Your Mishap.