I just got a pedi and facial at the Empire Beauty School-Bloomington Location! (Thanks to Sara and Becky) Here are some great tips from Empire to keep your hair looking GREAT!



1.      Short for time in the morning but want to take your straight locks to a tousled look?  Wash hair at night, apply a palm-sized portion of gel or mousse then divide hair into a couple of sections (5-6). Braid each section and secure with elastic holder.  In the morning undo the braids and brush through hair with fingers.  Use a little bit of styling gel to help shape waves into the style you want.


2.      To help disguise visible roots between hair appointments – zizag your part or keep the roots tousled instead of making it straight.


3.      Heat styling over time takes its toll in damage on the hair. If you can, try to let hair air dry a bit during the winter or invest in an ionic dryer which is easier on the tresses. They use less heat and dry faster, which leads to less damage overall.



4.      To get your bangs smooth and straight – use a flat brush and blow dry from the sides switching back and forth until dry.  This will help smooth out any cowlicks in the bang area.


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