First of all, here's a video of Steve and Falen doing it at the fair on Saturday!

People all over the country are doing this and raising money and awareness for ALS.  I think that's great.  It's good to see another charity besides a breast cancer charity get some attention and some money.  Of course, everyone supports the fight against breast cancer, but it's a shame to see one charity seek so much publicity, at the expense of other, less publicized charities like Cystic Fibrosis, childhood cancer, Alzheimer's, etc.  I have a friend who's dad died of ALS, and believe, me, his death was no less hard on the family just because it's not a disease that gets as much attention as breast cancer.

Lots of people who've never even uttered the phrase "ALS" are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge and I just had a couple of quick thoughts.

1.  The challenge should be more than just making a funny video to post on Facebook.  It's to raise money.  Go to this page and donate.  It'll be your good deed for the day!

2.  It's called the Ice Bucket Challenge for a reason!  Put some ice in that thing, not just water!

3.  Don't patronize businesses that are using the Ice Bucket Challenge to promote themselves.  I saw on my Facebook feed a furnace company that promised to make a donation to ALS for every furnace sold, so CALL NOW!  Bullshit.  If they want to donate, then donate.  Don't demand someone buy a furnace first.

I challenge YOU to do the Ice Bucket challenge!  If you've already done it (and donated) THANKS!