Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine started Friday night when Susan and I rode down to Carver Minnesota to look at the flooded Minnesota River. (And to have drinks at Lisa's Bar)  Saturday and Sunday I ran 5 miles both days.  I worked on sets for "Oklahoma!"  (Did I mention I play Jud Fry and you can buy tickets at crossplayers.org?)  Sunday we rode to Winsted, New Germany and St. Boni.

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The only lowlight of the weekend was when I tried to teach Carson how to make a fire.  He's a Boy Scout and his fire-making skills aren't what they should be.  After gathering up matches, a pocketknife (for whittling little pom-poms onto the wood to make them easy to start) and picking some wood out of a pile in the back yard, we got started.

First, it was so windy we couldn't keep a match lit. So we moved into the garage.  Yep, the garage, where I figured we could build a small fire on the floor.  We have the matches ready, the wood is ready and we light the match.  Then the wood. 

After trying about 10 times to keep the wood lit, I realized the wood must be too wet after all the rain.  So that was that.  I tried to teach Carson a good father-son thing and I blew it.  He was more than happy to call it quits and get back on his phone to play "Clash of Clans."

But I'm not giving up.  I'm going to master this "build a fire" thing and pass it on to him.  Maybe one day it'll come in handy for him.

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