Oliver Twizt took the Super You & Me stage at the very first TomorrowWorld as Mr. T. But there is more to the producer/DJ underneath his gold chain and (faux) beard. He's been busy on the road with Sandro Silva for the MixMash tour this summer, and is working on some exciting new music.

We caught up with Oliver, a.k.a. Joel, after his set on the Super You & Me stage at TomorrowWorld where he talked about touring with Sandro Silva, what he needs with him on tour, what he's working on now, and ... Mr. T!! Find out what he had to say: 

How was playing on the Super You & Me stage at TomorrowWorld? Did you dress up as a super hero?

Mr. T! When I played on the first Super You & Me, I dressed up like Mr. T, and people were going crazy for it. So it's like yeah, I'm gonna dress as Mr. T always! People think that the beard, I have a fake a beard, [they think] it's like a real beard. It was really good, you know it was a pretty early time slot and I was a bit nervous, [because] are there gonna be people, or not? But it was pretty packed. And I could play like my regular set, not like a warm up set, and the crowd was really good.

If you were really a super hero, what would you call yourself?

Super Gorilla Black! Or Ape Human!

How has the Mixmash Tour with Sandro Silva been going?

Yeah, it's going really good. We started out in Chicago, that was a pretty good gig. Then we went to Ottawa, and that was like the biggest paint party in Canada. It was really good, 5,000 people. Life In Color, a lot of paint, everybody was messy except for the DJs. So that was really good, and then we went to Waterloo. But unfortunately I couldn't play that one [because] there was something wrong with my work permit. Then we went to Boston and it was really good as well, at Club Royale. Now we're here! Tomorrow I'm going to Vegas. Tomorrow morning, I'm doing the Wet Republic Pool Party together with Laidback Luke and then I'm flying out to Dallas on the same day. We're playing Lizard Lounge there.

How do you like touring with Sandro?

Sandro is like my little brother. There's only love and only fun. We're like really good buddies, so that's really good. 

Well when you're traveling to all these places on tour, what are the essential three things that you absolutely need to have with you?

First essential thing is I like to use some moisturizer for my face. So facial moisturizer is absolutely number 1. Second, my gel, my hair gel. And third, fresh socks. 

Tell us about "Crash" and "Truck Volume."

Well, to be honest, last year I did a lot of trap. I was really keen on trap, because I came from the hip-hop scene. So "Crash" and "Truck Volume" were basically like 2 hard-hitting electro tracks to just show the world I'm also into electro still. Everybody was talking about now all of the places, only trap nowadays, but no I'm not. I love everything. And "Crash" and "Truck Volume" were like, raw, electro, hard-hitting tracks, and that's what I like.

[Buy "Crash" and "Truck" Volume on Beatport]

What made you want to get into producing and DJing?

Well, I started out doing it really for fun, you know. I studied industrial design, and that was really a hobby for me. I started out throwing some stuff on the internet and it got picked up by some DJs, and then I got that phone call from one of the biggest agencies in Holland back then. And they were like, "wow, we want to release your tracks and do you want to DJ," and I couldn't DJ. So, I learned how to DJ.

How did you learn how to DJ?

I'm from Utrecht, it's [the] fourth biggest city [in] Holland and there's a local DJ who was like big in the days, and his name is Melvin Reese. And he basically taught me the first steps, how to DJ. And then I developed it myself. It has been a pretty fast career, because I started DJing in 2008. So, it's pretty fast to play here now, you know. 5 years!

Where did you get your name from?

Well, my second name is Oliver, and before I was Oliver Twizt, on the internet I called myself "J Twizt," because my first name is Joel, so it was like Joey Twizt. Then I shortened it out to J Twizt. And then I needed a new name! I'm Oliver Twizt now, and it's all good.

What's next for you, what are you working on?

I just finished a really, really big record with Sandro. I can't give you the title yet. It's almost finished, like 90%. And that's gonna be a big track for me. And also, I did a collab with Laidback [Luke]. I'm working on a lot of projects, and a lot of collabs. But I can't tell you a lot about it (laughs). It's a secret, you know, so next year, we got a smash it!

Are you excited about any one in particular?

I guess, the collab with Sandro. That will set new standards in the dance scene, I hope. So, this one's gonna be big. 

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio