(TMZ) - Amanda Bynes was unceremoniously ejected from a Ritz-Carlton in NYC Thursday after allegedly smoking weed in her hotel room and being so rude to hotel staff ... she made one poor girl cry ...sources tell TMZ.

Amanda begs to differ, telling TMZ she left the hotel voluntarily - she didn't mention the weed.

Sources tell TMZ that Amanda was a nightmare from the get go, smoking weed everyday despite warnings from hotel staff. Apparently, Amanda tried using spray chemicals to mask the weed smell.

But that's not it ... TMZ reports Amanda was unspeakably rude to the hotel staff, telling the front desk girl she was "too ugly" to check her in.  Sources say Amanda then offered her plastic surgeon's services to the desk girl in question ... and the tears started flowing.

According to TMZ, the bad behavior continued until Thursday .... Amanda was scheduled to check out at noon, but the hotel staff had had enough ... and kicked her out several hours before mandatory check out.

In case you're wondering where Amanda's going next - TMZ reports she was last seen getting into a cab headed to LaGuardia Airport ... bound for L.A.


Photo Credit Splash News