So here's a mystery for the holiday season: someone is leaving enormous, four- and five-figure tips on small checks at restaurants all over the country. But who, and why?

The "who" is the person or persons who goes by the pseudonym "Tips for Jesus." As for why? Well, the name seems to say it all, as does their Instagram slogan: "Doing the Lords [sic] work, one tip at a time."

"Tipsforjesus" has been active since at least September. The tips range from $500 to $10,000, and are being left at a random assortment of restaurants from Michigan to Chicago to Los Angeles. According to The Daily Dot, the tips left total more than $54,000.

The person or persons responsible is also making sure that the tips get in the right hands. When a waiter at Legends of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., complained that the $10,000 tip hadn't been given to him, "tipsforjesus" took action.

#thumbsup #godbless #tipsforjesus by @tipsforjesus 

“Notre Dame is stiffing you?” tipsforjesus replied. “Hmmm, let me make sure the charges went through since they claim they did not. If they're lying to you, I can talk to AMEX about it, then you should get a lawyer, and call the local paper and ESPN. What they're doing flys in the face of what Jesus would do.” The account later posted a photo of the cleared AMEX charges.

So, servers of the world, be generous to your patrons. You never know when one of them will drop a four-figure bounty in your lap.

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Photo Credit: @tipsforjesus Instagram