We know three things from Robin Thicke's time at the 2013 Jingle Ball tonight: his hit-song, "Blurred Lines" definitely deserves its Grammy-nomination, Robin Thicke can do a perfect Minnesotan-accent and he loves some Miley Cyrus.

Robin Thicke began his 2013 Jingle Ball performance tonight with his hit, "Give It 2 U" transfixing the audience with his charm and undeniable talent. Robin prepped us for Miley during his performance by giving Miley his own shout-out, "You know I love me some Miley Cyrus." And continued his time with the audience highlighting more of his hits including his Grammy-nominated hit of this past summer, "Blurred Lines."

He not only gave Miley some love onstage, but gave Minnesota some love offstage tonight. Thicke expressed his own love for Minnesota in his backstage interview with Dave Ryan. He said his love for snowy Minnesota traces back to some of his relatives that live here and did his own spot-on impression of a Minnesotan-accent.

Thanks for showing us some love tonight, Robin Thicke. We definitely love you back.

Check out more pics from Robin's performance here!

Photo Credit: Brian Friedman for iHeart Radio