Austin Mahone's performance started tonight with his DJ questioning us, "Minnesota are you ready?!" And we definitely were.

A dance performance with his backup dancers introduced his hit, "Say You're Just a Friend." And we're pretty sure not one girl in the audience wanted to be "just friends" with Austin afterwards. Next he moved to his song, "Banga Banga" that debuts its music video on Vevo tomorrow. He did an amazing cover of Jesse McCartney's, "Beautiful Soul" and concluded with his hit "What About Love."

Austin not only wowed the audience with his incredible vocal talent, but pulled out some crazy dance moves to complete his amazing performance and finally gave the audience a shout-out. He finished off his performance exclaiming, "Thank you Minnesota so much! You've been the best!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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And, the day after Jingle Ball, Austin has released his video for 'Banga Banga'! Check that out here: