Miley Cyrus walked into her interview with Dave Ryan, looked around and asked, "Is my hair crazy?" Typical Miley.

Dave asked Miley what she thought of his Christmas sweater and she answered as only Miley would, "I like any sweater that comes with something you can grab onto." Next she told Dave a funny story of her last visit in the good ol' Twin Cities that included a trip to the nail salon, a spilled latte and Miley laughing at her mom tripping outside.

Dave then asked her what the one present she wanted for Christmas growing up the most was and she answered, "I really wanted a trampoline." She told us that her dad, country-star Billy Ray Cyrus, wrapped every piece of the trampoline individually making it take forever for her to figure out what it even was. But, she did get her trampoline.

Next Dave asked the superstar what she has saved from her stardom that she treasures the most, "I still have my foam finger," When asked where she keeps it, "In my closet with my twerking teddy bear suit."

Miley touched on the craziness of this past year after Dave asked her the longest she's been without sleep, answering, "All of 2013."

Finally Dave played "This or That" with Miley and here are some of the best highlights:

LA or New York: LA

Reading or Tweeting: Tweeting

Halloween or Christmas: Halloween

Winter or Summer: Summer

Pie or Cake: Cake

"We Can't Stop" or "We Won't Stop": We Will Stop...nicely played Miley, nicely played.