Enrique Iglesias began his night at Jingle Ball greeting fans, answering interview questions and KISSING FALEN?! Falen Instagram'd a pic earlier this evening of her smooching the stud of a star. Jealous much?!

Enrique started out his interview with Steve O commenting, "Good to be here, I do like it here." When Steve O asked whether he prefers the Twin Cities or Miami he did choose Miami, but showed the Twin Cities some love saying it's his second-favorite.

Enrique disclosed some of his future plans for music releases, noting that his best is yet to come, "It's coming up. A song you're gonna play 95 times a week." So we better be excited to listen to whatever hit song Enrique is releasing that we will most definitely have on repeat.

That Falen moment was so good we just had to animate it!

Photo Credit: Getty Images