The Neighbourhood are climbing the charts with their hit single 'Sweater Weather', but they are adding to their arsenal. On Sunday night, they announced a very surprising new member of the group. Rapper RiFF RaFF was introduced as a new member of The Neighbourhood on stage at the Almost Acoustic Christmas Show in Los Angeles. According to the pair, they've been planning on breaking this news for over a month.

The Neighbourhood's Jesse Rutherford introduces RiFF RaFF as a new member on stage

According to an interview with KROQ, the duo met at a game of park basketball in LA. “We didn’t even meet on a music tip,” said RiFF RaFF. “We just kinda vibed out, kickin’ it. And then we were friends. And the next thing you know, I’m doing music; he’s doing music. Then he had that “Sweater Weather” thing and they blew up. And I’m still doing music and we still kick it, so why not do songs together?”

When asked to describe what The Neighbourhood paired with RiFF RaFF will sound like, lead singer Jesse Rutherford said the sound was for “strip clubs in space.” I guess we'll have to find out what that means...

If you don't know RiFF RaFF for his music, you may recognize him from his guest appearance on the hit MTV show 'Ridiculousness' where he left a lasting impression and garnered a growing following on social media.

RiFF RaFF at the MTV VMAs

And, here's the mentality of RiFF RaFF if you're not familiar with him... check out his tweet about it:

Article Source: KROQ
Photos Source: Getty Images