On October 8th, the Jonas Brothers were in the Twin Cities for the 'We Day' event at Xcel Energy Center and we decided to ask them to come perform for KDWB listeners in the Skyroom that day as well. According to our sources, that performance may have been the Jo Bros' FINAL PERFORMANCE. Word is the guys all left Minneapolis on separate planes and have decided to part ways with their music. Their upcoming tour has been cancelled as well (refunds available). A source close to the band says this doesn't have to do with the fact Kevin and Danielle are expecting their first child, clarifying that it's only about "creative differences."

The guys were a little tense when they got to KDWB but we just thought they were tired from the long day of events. Obviously, there's something more than that going on. So, check out what could possibly be the band's last performance and some questions from their fans in the audience!

First off, the guys seemed to be in good spirits when Big D decided to play the Trust Fall game with them, see that here:

Once the performance began, the guys kicked it off with an awesome medley of 'First Time' into 'Just Hold on We're Going Home' (Drake Cover) and ending it with 'Love Bug' - see that here:

Questions from the audience left a couple hints but still took us by surprise. See what they asked here:

Lucas asked them about why they broke up a couple years ago and here’s what they said… could be a clue to why they are breaking up now

Next up was 'S.O.S.':

And, they ended with what may be the Jo Bros FINAL song performed together ever again is 'Burnin' Up':